Channelling their numerous influences, German progressive metal outfit Burden to Atlas concoct an outrageous mixture of djent-infused math metal and brutal deathcore, swinging back and forth between groove and polymeter and riding a climactic wave of honest emotion and passionate dedication.


Embedded in their complex and extremely dynamic arrangements, attentive listeners discover resemblance to Tool, Tesseract and Karnivool, just to be caught off guard by a sudden hommage to Despised Icon, Dying Fetus and Signs of the Swarm.


Having performed alongside artists such as the Callous Daoboys (US), Materia (PL) and Yawn (NO) on stages ranging from small hometown pubs to those of open air festivals, Burden to Atlas are constantly looking for shows and venues to play, while they prepare to self-produce their long awaited debut longplayer. 

Abe - guitars

Fleisch - bass

Martina - clean vocals

Fibble - drums, shouts, backing vocals

Niklas - guitars, shouts, backing vocals

.          .          .          .