Formed in the late 2010's by former members of local underground bands, Burden to Atlas strive for sheer authentic expression, allowing song structures to evolve regardless of musical convention.


The members' musical influences are innumerable, seemingly excluding no genre you could possibly name, and their own entertainment always plays an important role during the songwriting process. Thus their music tends to shift from djenty mathrock to slamming deathcore in a matter of seconds, swings back and forth between groove and polymeter and always rides a climactic wave of honest emotion and passionate dedication.


Inspired by the intensely sentimental yet at times playful lyrical themes provided by their lead vocalist, every track is a piece of art that is treated with much respect and attention to detail. Visually and on stage, a rather modest concept is preferred in order to direct all attention towards the music - even so, you might sometimes catch a glimpse of their tongue-in-cheek personalities.

Abe - guitars

Fleisch - bass

Martina - clean vocals

Fibble - drums, shouts, backing vocals

Niklas - guitars, shouts, backing vocals

.          .          .          .